General Questions

What is the objective of The Maroon Foundation?
The Maroon Foundation’s objective is to further the education of students at the University of Canterbury and to assist the University of Canterbury Rugby Football Club and its members.
How is The Maroon Foundation funded?
How will The Maroon Foundation use the donated funds?
Who will benefit from The Maroon Foundation?
What is the anticipated scope of The Maroon Foundation?
Who will manage and distribute the funds?

Donation Questions

What type of donations can be made?
Your Year Recurring donations

As an Old Maroon you can contribute dollars and cents that relate to the year you started playing for the Club. For example, if you started playing in 1993 your donation is $19.93; this can be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This option allows you to contribute at different levels as you move through your career — from leaving University and starting work all the way through to your retirement years.

You can set this up with your bank using internet banking or download the automatic payment form with The Maroon Foundation's details already completed, add your own details and deliver the completed form to your bank directly or send to admin@maroonfoundation.nz and we will action it for you.

One-off donations
An alternative to recurring smaller donations, is to make a high value lump sum once only donation.

No-interest loans
Old Maroons only sacrifice the interest on their loan and can get their principal back at short notice if required.

Making a bequest in your will is a simple and effective way of supporting the Foundation beyond your lifetime. Firstly, speak to your family about your plans so they understand why you are choosing to remember The Maroon Foundation in your will. We recommend that you seek professional advice and speak to your lawyer about revising your will.
Is it possible to claim a tax credit on my donations?
Is it safe to make an online donation?
How do I stop my recurring payments for donations set up online through the website?
How do I stop my recurring payments for donations made through my bank?
How do I change the amount of my recurring payments made online?
How do I change the amount of my recurring payments made through my bank?
What is the Foundation's preferred method of payment for recurring donations?
How should I make a donation from outside of New Zealand?